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    Cherkasy Collegium "Berehynia", Ukraine

    Hello, dears! I am happy to get my National Quality Label for our amazing project.
    I wish you to get yours soon. :)

    Szkoła Podstawowa nr 28 w Toruniu, Poland

    We are very proud of our NQL. Thank you Dear Partners for your great collaboration and contribution to our project


    Avila, Spain CEIP Arturo Duperier


    Şehit Doğan Sevinç Secondary School Bursa


    OŠ "Stevan Nemanja", Serbia

    Cherkasy Collegium "Berehynia", Ukraine

    Dear partners and students, thank you for putting all your focus on the work. It wouldn't be possible to achieve the goals without everyone’s full effort and willingness! It was a wonderful time working with you. Proud to be a part of this nice project and hope to work with you again on other projects.

    Maja Medić OŠ "Stevan Nemanja " Serbia
    European Quality Label

    Primary School no. 28 Toruń, Poland

    Spain Avila, Spain CEIP Arturo Duperier

    Happy to get our European Quality label. Thanks for cooperation, dear partners! You are great.

    European Quality Label, Torun, Poland