Business Task 2 - Introduction at our Agency



    Hello to all members of our eTwinning Travel Agency staff

    Business Task 2 is waiting for you. This time you are asked to introduce your team as well as yourselves to your workmates. 

    Part 1 

    Let's talk with your company directors about applying for a job. The document in which you present yourself to your new employer is called Curriculum Vitae or Resume. Find information about writing CV - you can prepare a  short presentation about it in your team. What information should be included in a good CV? Let's think about it in your National Travel Office. One example of CV is posted below - it's a good CV for  teenangers or young employees who are applying for their first job. 

    Now, please, prepare a Curriculum Vitae for your National Travel Office at the padlet that you can find at the subpage "Curriculum Vitae". Present your team, vote for the most popular hobbies and skills at your National Travel Office. 


    PART 2 


    As an employee sometimes you need your Business Card. Now prepare a business card for yourself. Talk with your company director about information that should be included in a good business card, talk about situations and professions in which having a business card can be very useful. Maybe you can find a real business card - if yes, please take it to your National Travel Office and show it to your workmates. 

    At our eTwinning Travel Agency we require the information on the business cards as follow: 

    your name

    name of your school

    title of the etwinning project 

    drawings / pictures presenting your interests, hobbies or skills


    This is an example of a business card designed by a member of Polish Travel Office: 




    Part 3 


    Now there is a time for collaborative activity for all National Travel Offices. 

    With your company director choose only 4 business cards from your National Travel Office. Prepare a writing description of an owner of the business card


     This is a girl. she likes her mobile phone. She has got a small dog. She likes drinking hot chocolate. She lives in ToruĊ„

    Please, don't write your name!!!


    When the activity will be ready your company director inform you about it. Then go to the subpage "Find your workmates" and try to match business card to its owners in the online activity. 


    After doing all activities please vote for your favourite activity in Business Task 2 - below there is a pool where you can vote 




    Deadline for CV, business cards and writing activity is: 17th October 

    Deadline for "Find your workmates" activity is: 25th october


    GOOD LUCK:) 

  • Which is your favourite activity in the Business Task 2
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    Business Cards
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    Find your workmates
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