Business Task 6 - Planning a trip

  • Our eTwinning Travel Agency is organising a trip to one of the European capitals. To discover which capital is it, please solve the jigsaw puzzle. 

    Puzzle 1 - planning a trip


    And for those who are still unsure, another puzzle to solve

    Puzzle 2 - planning a trip

    Do you know the city now? Great! Below are details of our activity. 

    Part 1 

    Students will be working in mixed international teams. The teams are the same as in the Business Dictionary activity. Each team is working on one aspect of the trip. 

    Team I - travel, currency exchange, means of transport while travelling 

    Team II - accomodation, places to stay 

    Team III - dining out, typical food  

    Team IV - entartaiment, interesting places to see, landmarks 

    Deadline: 29th February 2020

    Respecting copyrights please use, where possible, free images for this activity (eg. pixabay, unsplash, foter etc)


    Part 2 

    This activity will be done by students in their countries. Students are planning a week trip to the country of destination using data and information collected in the first part of the activity by all teams

    For planning a trip students can use our project Travel planner available in materials in pdf and docx 

    Travel-planner ewinning.pdf


    Using travel planner we are developing SMART objectives with our students that are as follow: 

    S - specific, M - measurable, A- achievable, R-realistic, T- timebound

    Extra note: According to students' age and national curriculum and syllabus students can also try to calculate distance and the costs of the trip. Older students can use, to plan the trip.

    Deadline: 16th March 2020