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    Although at our school there is a room called canteen, it serves rather as a tuck shop (a very small one and ugly) because it sells only buns (DELICIOUS!) and tea. Most of the students of our school bring packed lunches which we eat together during a break time at 10.35 a.m. Younger students get fruit or vegetables and milk or juice for their early lunch.
    Weronika and Martyna


    At our school, there are 3 places where we have PE. If the weather is good, we exercise on an athletics field. If the weather is bad, we have PE in the gym at school or in a town sports centre (it is much bigger than the school gym). There is also a small rehabilitation room in our school’s basement, where the youngest pupils sometimes have their PE lessons.
    Kamil and Bartek


    There are 2 buildings of our school (A and B). The building B used to be a junior high school but last year it was closed down so now it belongs to our school. It is the reason why we have 2 libraries (one in each building). The library in the building A is used by younger students (grades 1 – 6) and the library in the building B is used by older ones. In both libraries, there are places with computers so called school information centres. To be honest, only few students use them because nowadays everyone has the Internet in their phones. Yet, there are lots of books we can borrow, especially these we have to read for our Polish classes.
    Zosia and Zuzia


    There is a small astronomical observatory at our school which we call "astrobase". An after-school astronomy club functions there but anyone who wants o observe the sky can come here. The astrobase is well equipped with various types of telescopes.
    Nikodem and Igor


    Our school consists of 2 buildings: A and B. The B building used to be a junior high school and it is smaller than A building so the main entrance to our school is in the bigger building. It is just a door but inside, right behind the door, there is a special display case, where all prizes won by our students are exhibited.
    Julia K.

    The school's name

    Our school is named after Jan Kasprowisz, a famous Polish poet who was born near Kruszwica. He lived from 1860 to 1926. Every year our school celebrate his birthday - on 12 December. His portrait is displayed opposite the school entrance.