Strew rockets

  • I made a 14-centimetre long paper rocket. Then I shaped a 2-cm nose cone and carried out 5 flights. After that I changed the length of the nose cone into 4 cm and carried out another 5 trials.

    This is how my rocket looked like before shaping the nose cone:


    These are the results:


    TRIAL 1

    TRIAL 2

    TRIAL 3

    TRIAL 4

    TRIAL 5


    2 cm

    208 cm

    235 cm

    200 cm

    208 cm

    201 cm

    210,4 cm

    4 cm

    188 cm

    160 cm

    174 cm

    200 cm

    150 cm

    174,4 cm


    According to these results, the flight distance depends inverse proportionally on the lenght of nose cone. The longer is nose, the shortest is flight. Unfortunately, the exact determination of this dependance requires equal rocket propulsion during each take-off. Even though I tried to, I’m not able to say that all of my blows had the same strength. Since scientific experients require precision and measuring all of the agents, the results of my experiment can be read only as a general rule.

    And these are our other strew rockets:


    Ewa Pomykała