Insubria University - Como

  • The 17th December, 13 students (from the Erasmus group) have attended a very interesting lesson at the Insubria University of Como.

    The lesson was the final part of a refresher course for teachers.

    The main subject was: natural science and geological risks, how the climate change can impact on our world.

    Below the poster of the meeting.


    In the wake of the enthusiasm for this opportunity, our school has signed a convention with the University for the year 2019-20, for attendig to a cycle of lessons about climate change.

    So, in the months of January and February, our Erasmus Students (about 20 students) have attended to three more lessons:

    lunedì 20 Gennaio 2020,          Prof. Mauro Guglielmin

    lunedì 27 Gennaio 2020,          Prof. Mauro Guglielmin

    lunedì 10 Febbraio 2020,         Prof.ssa Nicoletta Cannone

    We have also attended a party, as you can see in this photo:

    At the end we have asked some questions to our students, about climate change but also about green jobs (if they want to be a researcher) and what a scientist do in his job. Here you can find some answers: