Water Board Game

  • In the year 2018-2019 (the first year of our Erasmus project), each country has proposed an idea for a Board Game about Water (the theme of Italian Mobility), as you can see at these pages:

    A short Story of games 

    Our ideas

    Then, with an online votation, we have chosen the best idea and we have decided to realize the Board game. Look at this page for the result of the online votation:

    The winner Board Game  

    In May 2019, during the italian mobility,  an international team (made by students from all countries), have projected the game, creating:

    • The Dashboard
    • The rules (translated in English)
    • All the questions of the game

    Based on their work, we have created the game in a professional manner, in September 2019 and we have brought it to Latvia (for Latvian mobility) for proposing a challenge between students.

    The game is reaching Latvian school by train. Two French teachers take care of it for avoiding a damage (one teacher is not enough!).

    The game is presented to students.

    Rules are explained and we can begin the challenge


    About dissemination, we have created an article on the Repubblica newspaper (you can see it at this link: https://la.repubblica.it/professori/2019/11/14/a-water-board-game/?refresh_ce), an important national newspaper and we have organized a challenge during the Open Day of our school in December 2019. Look at this page for a descriptipon of the Open Day: Italian Open Day

    Attached here you can download the game:


    Waterfall Vs geyser - Instructions.pdf




    Dashboard of the Game.PDF



    Blu Wave.pdf


    Red Cards.pdf


    Green Cards.pdf