Italian Open Day

  • 7th December 2019

    OPEN DAY 2019-2020

    I.C. “G.Segantini” – Asso – ITALY


    Our Erasmus project explained to families.

    Each year, in our school, we have an open day for students and parents. In the Open Day we show to the parents of new students what we are doing, which projects we are developing.

    The best way for showing this, it’s to let our students explaining what thay have done.

    An important part of the Open Day (with 2 teachers and 20 students involved) was dedicated to our Erasmus project E2WJ.


    What we have done

    The Erasmus Corner

    We have created two different Erasmus corners.

    In the first one we have shown all the photos of the mobilities (attached on a wall) and a short video about our experiences (you can see the video here).

    Three students has explained their recent experience in Latvia to parents.

    In the second corner, we have inserted all documents about our project. We have started from the Agenda 2030 goals, for illustrating the strict connections between Goal 13 (climate change) and the other goals.

    Then we have asked to students to give us some green ideas for the future, as you can see in the image below.

    At the end our students have tried to explain, in a simple way, what does it means the word “Sustainable”…give a look to these photos…

    The Water Board Game

    The Open day has been a good chance to play with our “Water Board Game” (created by the Erasmus students), replicating what we have done in Latvian mobility (october 2019).

    We have created 3 emplacements for playing. In each emplacement we had 4 erasmus students that have played with the students visiting our school (mainly students from primary school).

    The surprising result has been that all students (from primary or from secondary school) didin’t want to leave the game before the end (in spite of their parents were late for going to supermarket or for some other appointments!).

    A reciclyng Scratch game

    Our students have created a simple Scratch game (inspired by what our spanish friends have done). All students have played the game and they have had some fun.

    The Electric Energy Lab

    Electric energy is the energy of our world. So if we want to work on renewables energies we have to better understood in which form of energy we will trasform our clean energy.

    First we have organized a race between cans using static electricity and a balloon, as you can see in the photo.

    Second, our students (about 70 students) have worked on electric energy for creating an electrical network (series and parallel circuits). In a dedicated classroom we have set up an exhibition of the most original ones.

    Below you can see some photos.