Mobility in Spain - February 2019

  • The partner school in Jamilena in Andalusia greeted us under the motto “Jamilena por la Paz” (Jamilena for Peace) between 17th and 21st February in the context of the first pupil mobility. These were five very emotional, intensive and busy days.

    Monday, 17th February

    The proud headmistress of the Francisca Ortega school, which has 120 students and is therefore the smallest institution in our partnership, greeted us in the morning with “We are happy that you are here”.


    After that, the programme continued with the presentation of the first project My school, my town, my country in Europe, where we were able to see the first attempts at different apps. The audience really went crazy during the Kahoot-Quiz.

    Then we went to the primary school of the town where we presented the project. The pupils had prepared a poster of each country with a lot of attention to detail.

    Back at school, the pupils took part in a “Body expression” workship as a preparation for the radio programmeMy European Partners “.

    A musical reception in City Hall with a welcome greeting for all the guests from Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic and Germany was followed by a great concert. Then a cultural tour prepared by the Spanish pupils through Jamilena and its Romanesque Tower to collect the first materials for our ebook about cultural heritage crowned the first day.

    Tuesday, 18th February

    We worked hard on the project hymn “A place to live in” and on our radio programme. Texts were revised, sung, spoken, recorded anew, people questioned and interviewed.

    Then the students took part in a ceramics workshop, typical for the region, and the teachers attended a digital tool workshop.

    The work on the ebook continued in the afternoon with the collection of materials at Torredonjimeno Castle near Jamilena, where we were surprised with an elaborate spectacle during which, among other things, dances from the middle ages were performed. The beautifully costumed actors offered dance steps and figures in front of a dreamlike scenery. 

    Wednesday, 19th February

    While the teachers worked in a reserved room at the University of Jaén, the pupils had the task of collecting the most important information, photos and videos of the Jaén Cathedral

    Thursday, 20th February

    We drove to La Alhambra, following the traces of the Moorish Heritage in Andalusia, and the highlight of our trip. The Alhambra (red castle) is more than an elaborate castle. It had been the city centre of the former king of the area since the 8th century.

    His constructions are unbelievably impressive, amazingly detailed and built for eternity. We admire the idealism that this building must have been conceived with. Our pupils could collect a lot of materials for the ebook.  

    Friday, 21st February

    In spite of a power failure in all of Jamilena, we could continue parts of our project work and used the rest of the battery charges in our laptops to almost complete our project hymn.

    On the last day the guest teachers took part in several classes to get an impression of the educational system in Spain.

    At the conclusion of this trip the all the students took part in a Gymkhana (an interdisciplinary sports activity) which emphasised how important self-control is in our lives.

    Then the faculty and host parents said good-bye with a culinary feast where we got to try delicious foods of the regional gastronomy.

    We thank all the teachers, parents, students and the mayor of the municipality for the wonderful reception, for their hospitality and openness. We were deeply moved. Thank you! Jamilena now has a new motte: “Jamilena for Europe!”


    THANK YOU!!!!