Staff meeting-Kerpen 2019

  • The project starts with the coordinator meeting of all the project countries from 28th October to 1st November in Kerpen.

    The 1st project meeting in Kerpen focused on two workshops:

    1.eTwinning and Twinspace

    -to introduce eTwinning and Twinspace to all the partners

    -to create our Twinspace for use as a safe place where participants (pupils and teachers) can communicate with each othe

    -to use eTwinning as a dissemination tool

    -to work collaboratively using online tools such as AnswerGarten, Padlets, Learning Apps, Mentimeter etc.

    -to show and upload the results.

    2.Teachers’ lecture: First steps into CLIL: This lecture set up the introduction to this way of learning and launches the first project activity “My school, my town in Europe”.

    Moreover, the following topics were discussed in this meeting:

    -issues related to budget and dates for other mobilities

    -the logo and poster selection

    -organization, exchange of diagnostic results

    We think the experience and methods brought by the respective countries in relation to their national educational systems will lead to the first steps in enabling us to innovate, adapt, and eventually change our teaching process by including the new methodologies.

       It was a wonderful three days of project work