How to create radio program


    DIGITAL TOOLS: Podcasts

    RESULTS: A radio program "Our European Partners" "Strong Women in Europe"


    • to apply PBL: handling different views on this issue
    • to lear communicative skills: how to control stimuli by coping with overcoming nervousness, learning orality skills
    • to work on issues related with gender equality, the role of women in the media, the role of the European women compared to different 6 partner countries.

    to work on controlling nervousness as well as learning to express themselves appropriately (situation, kind of audience)

    Preparing the activity in the partner schools

    1. Researching about strong women in Europe

    2.Participation in a workshop to learn some oral skills







    Radio program "Meeting our partners in Europe" finished during the mobility in Spain (February 2020)

    Meeting our Partners in Europe(3).mp3