Fourth day

  • Project meeting in Kielce
    Friday 07-06-2019

    On the last day of our trip, we visited Krakow. The most beatiful city in Poland as some may say. 

    The day was again very hot, so it was very demanding to walk throught the streets, and not just sit and chill. But the beatiful architecture motivated us. 

    This is Sukiennice, Market Hall. Krakow was a big trading point in the past, so it needed it's big Market Hall. 

    On the main square of Krakow, Rynek GÅ‚ówny, we met a parade. We think that it was a parade of schools, happening on one of their last school days. 

    This is our group listening to our guide Mrs. Krenželoková. 

    She knew a lot of things about the city, so she was almost better than a professional guide.

    This is another famous sight of Krakow, Wawel castle. It survived the World War II. in a perfect condition. 

    The Wawel castle is very big, and it also includes it's own cathedral. 

    After this tiring, but very exciting guide through the city, we could just chill in the park. 

    At the end, I would like to say that this trip to Poland was very nice, and I enjoyed it. We now have new friends in Kielce, and we also saw Krakow. A big thanks to our teachers for making this possible.