Third day

  • Project meeting in Kielce
    Thursday 06-06-2019

    Our third day was a sporting day. We started with a little dance, which was a warm-up for a volleyball tournament. 

    After that, we discussed some tactics and finally the tournament started. 

    We were sort of rivals on the court. 

    But friends afterwards. 

    The matches were very tough, so we had to fuel ourselves with good food. And this burger restaurant was the best place to choose. 

    After lunch, we went with a bus to Chienciny. There we had a guided tour through the city. (Provided by Kasper)

    We were inside this beatiful church. 

    And we visited this castle too. It was build in Middle Ages, and it was quite big to be honest. 

    Some of us went up this tower and the view from it was just amazing. The Polish countryside is flat, but charming. 

    After this very nice, but exhausting day our teacher needed to take a rest.