• Using this Twinspace we continue the work which we started more than a year ago. The result of our effort will be called HERIT-APP, which, as you can guess, will be an online tool accessible to anybody in the world.

    Students of the four participating countries will be designing itineraries in their mother tongues and translating their creations into English so that the students of the remaining countries could translate them into their own native languages.

    All the written tranlastions will then be recorded as an audioguide of all the stops from the itineraries. This means that the participants will be improving their skills on multiple levels, in various fields.

    The draft version of the HERIT-APP, which will be created at this point (with all the written itineraries and audios) will be checked in situ during the mobilities.

    This is how the students will get a chance to adjust or edit the product, suggest improvements etc.

    The project goal is to promote, debate, research and enhance our cultural and natural heritage in a way that would be a doable challenge for our students.

    There will be many other additional activities carried out in order to fulfill this main task.

    120 students will participate in the mobilities, though many more will benefit from the blended learning activities we have and will design during these two years.

    This Erasmus+ is just a starting point... for a long-lasting collaboration and much more!


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