Misak-ı Milli Ortaokulu

  • Misak-ı Milli Secondary School's Pi Activities


    Mehmet MISIRLI
    Math Teacher

    Thanks For Help Gözde GÜLŞEN


    10 - 12



    Yağız Ali ÇAKIR
    Rüya Su GÜVEN
    Betül KORKMAZ
    Ece YILMAZ
    Ceylin Naz KAHVECİOĞLU
    Selin TAŞKIRAN

    Our Headmaster and other math teacher with our students.

    The pi cookie we serve to our headmaster.

    Pi tshirt design competition

    It was a competition in which our students used amused creativity. pi all over our lives. we have shown it once again.

    Pi is traveling Europe board.

    Our students prepared the board.

    Pi cookies

    It was infinite taste like its own.

    Pi cake and cookies

    Pi means labor.

    Our Boards

    Our boards and walls are colored with Pi.

    Tshirt Design Competition
    Letter writing contest to Pi
    Pi Gate
    We learn about Pi from the walls
    Preparing Our Pi Day board
    Our Pi Day Board is Ready
    Information is nice everywhere
    Preparing to write Pi part 1
    Preparing to write Pi part 2
    Our boards were very popular.
    Our Pi Bords and wals
    A Pi in the School Yard

    Thanks for help Gözde GÜLŞEN

    Pi walks around the walls

    Thanks for coloring 6-B

    The winner of the letter writing competition.

    Fatma Zührenaz ÜÇER

    The second of the letter writing contest.

    İlayda KESER

    The third of the letter writing contest.

    Bayram Efe CEYHAN

    Letter with jury special award

    Rüya Su GÜVEN