Collège J. Rostand (Draguignan)

  • Teams involved into the project


    Maths :
    Carole Terpereau
    Philippe Terpereau

    Elodie Berger

    Joëlle Baret
    Caroline Jasica


    6th form :
    (11/12 years old)
    6e1 - 6e2 - 6e4 - 6e6

    5th form :
    (12/13 years old)

    4th form:
    (13/14 years old)
    4e2 - 4e4

    We are an etwinning school ! 2018/2020
    Collège Jean Rostand - DRAGUIGNAN

    Secondary School in South-Eastern France
    About 650 students aged 11/15

  • FRANCE - Collège Jean Rostand (Draguignan)




    Before to start

    A puzzle made from the logo of our project.

    Click the picture to play !


    6e1/6e2/6e4/6e6 - Drawing contest "Les mots de π "

    (teachers : C. Terpereau - P. Terpereau)

    We organized a drawing contest for our 11/12 years old students.

    They had to choose a french word beginning with "pi" among a list of 21 proposed words. Here are their creations.

    Click the picture below to discover all about this activity !

    6e2 - Stories "Histoires de π"

    (teacher : C. Jasica)

    Hi everybody !
    Students (11-12 years) participated in the creation of texts around Pi called "Stories of Pi"
    They all participated with great enthusiasm and many students from other classes came to read their productions and vote !
    Three students received a prize : books in a bookstore in Draguignan !
    Congratulations to the winners and all participants !

    6e2/6e6/5e2 - Friezes "The digits of π"

    (teacher : C. Terpereau)

    We created 2 friezes showing the first digits of π.

    The first is fixed in the math classroom corridors, and the other one is exhibited in the hall of our school !

    Here is an animation showing the different steps of this activity.

    Please click the picture below:

    6e2/6e6 - "Plastic π"

    (teacher : C. Terpereau)

    We made a creation from plastic caps, using a frame of the number π.

    Click the picture below to see a video about this activity.

    4e4 - POETRY "PI-rouettes verbales"

    (teacher : J. Baret)

                                      Click the picture above  

    4e2 - "Recycled Pi"

    ​​​​​​​(teacher : C. Terpereau)

    We created a huge pi sculpture from empty beverage cans.

    It is really amazing !

    Have a look at this video, clicking the picture below:

    5e2 - "Pi cake" contest "Pies for pi"

    (teacher : E. Berger)

    We organized a "pi cake" contest in our english class.

    Click the pic below to discover our creations !

    They also worked about cake recipes in english :



    Bonus activities & students'personal creationsl

    Click the picture below to discover more surprises about what the students from Draguignan realized !

    Exhibition in our school entrance hall

    Click the picture below