Description & Aims

  • Project's description

    It's a short project with many partners from all over Europe (and perhaps further...)

    It will last one month (March 2019).

    It can involve not only math teachers but also other subjects teachers.

    The common language will be english, but the national languages can be used in addition to english.

    One page per country will be created, and also some subpages for each partner school in these countries. Some maps will be provided to locate the schools

    Each partner will be asked to publish what happened in his/her school for π day.

    Moreother, there will be a special page for the pupils participating in the project, in order to let them give their feedback about this celebration and about what they discovered from the other partners works.

    We will provide another page to let the partners insert some links to short videos about π in english or in the corresponding national language.

    Bonus activity : a quiz about pi will be created from questions provided by our students.

    Project's aims

    - To improve our students'mathematical culture

    - To share different ways of promoting Maths through Europe

    - To make our students discover other ways to approach Maths in many countries

    - To encourage interdisciplinary works about π in the different partners schools

    - To do Maths differently and in a funny way