Summer holiday habits - survey

  • Hello everyone,

    as the summer is coming to an end but you still remember what you were doing and eating :) here's a short survey to be done. Let's call it a starting point of our project. The survey will be active till the end of September (because some of us start school in the middle of Sept. - lucky them :) ). After that the results will be published. Just click on the link and here you go :)

    The survey analysis:

    1. Did you practise sport during summer holidays?

    19 students responded to this question. 17 of them practised some sport in summer. Only 2 said that they didn’t.

    2. If you practised any sport what was it? 

    19 students responded. Most of them (4) practiced swimming and cycling. Nobody played tennis or went rollerblading.

    3. What did you drink? 

    18 students answered. 8 of them drank juices in the summer. Only 2 indicated fizzy drink which is a satisfactory answer.

    4. How much time did you spend outside? 

    18 students responded again. Most of them (13) spent more then 5 hours outside daily, which means they are not so addicted to computers as we used to think.

    5. Where did you spend your summer? .

    8 out of 18 students spent their summer holidays away with their family. Still 5 stayed at home.

    6. Do you think your lifestyle is healthy? .

    13 out of 18 students claim their lifestyle is healthy. Let the project show how it really is :)


    And if someone has still doubts if they should join our project, have a look at the comics :












    The italian students really loved this survey so this weekend they had a special homework: ask the same questions, more or less, to their families and tabulate the answers.