My School -My Future -My Europe!

  • My School – My Future – My Europe ! The title of the project implies the challenges and opportunities for young people in a united Europe.

    Taking into account the different rates of youth unemployment in the countries participating in the project it becomes clear that it will take a concerted effort here. A youth unemployment rate of 27.4% in Poland, 24.3% in Latvia, 22.6% in Sweden and 19.8% in Turkey shows, in comparison to Germany (5.9%) that here action is needed.

    This project has been as yet been carried out at any of the participating schools. It is an attempt that teachers provide the framework of the project and the students are asked to complete this. The different types of schools present a particular challenge for their students. Students from higher lever classes should be qualified to "job scouts", whose provide assistance in traineeships and education for other students in the same or lower grades. They can be a model for other students from different types of schools in the participating countries. During the meetings the students shall set the toppics for her own work in the project and carrying out these in their own schools and bring the results on etwinning to their partners. A very important target will be to install the “Europass” for every school as a “normal instrument” for the students. They shall learn to use the different possibilities of this European-Project.

    As coordinating school, the Goethe-Gymnasium offers experiences in cooperation with companies of different size and orientation in internships and co-operation in teaching. Every year students of the Goethe-Gymnasiums are involved in internships and one of the aims in this project shall be, to share this with the partners and established similar projects there. The following forms of communication have proven successful in past projects: E-Mails, etwinning, Lo-Net2 and Skype. The first choice for the communication in this project shall be etwinning. So the students can store and change their results and everybody can participate.

    During the project a new development of concepts for the job-orientation (Turkey, Latvia and Sweden) and a continuous development of the concepts from Germany and Poland at the participating schools take part. An implentation of European components (international internship, learning and use of foreign languages) and cooperation in the future for job-orientation and international internships shall be the important targets.

    The results shall be used by other schools, especially these with students of special needs. If it is possible, the students shall explore which jobs and internships are possible in the participating companies for students with lower level education and special needs. If it is possible, the Goethe-Gymnasium will organize teacher-meetings with colleagues from special schools nearby during the meetings and students/teachers can be participate. 

    We are so sorry that the schools from Poland and Sweden don't signed the contract.