Latvia 2016

  • This journey: " the last jouney" led at first from Bensheim to Kiel. On the way the students visited the renewable energie village Jühnde which is completely powered by a biogas plant. Hours later without the abillity to ever smell again they continued their journey.

    The next stop was the algae house in Hamburg. It is lined with special plates that contain algae that gain solar energy which is conducted to a generator. After the arrival at Kiel they took a ferry for the night to Klaipeda in Lithuania.

    One of the sights they visited in Klaipeda was the Curonian Spit next to the russian enclave Kaliningrad. Afterwards they continued their journey to Limbaži.

    In Limbaži the students got a broad programm. During their 6 days stay in Latvia they visited many museums, a theatre, a wool factory, a pottery, more excitingly a military academie and of course they danced and sang a lot. During their last visit in Riga they had beside an important visit in the University of Latvia where they many questions enough time for an historical tour through the old town of Riga. After the farewell the students took the next ferry for the night from Riga to Stockholm in Sweden.

    In Stockholm they visited the Vasa, a swedish galleon that sank in 1628 and was founded in 1956 and recovered in the 1961. Afterwards they continued their journey and drove form Stockholm across the beatiful country to their last stop Oslo in Norway.

    After a night in Oslo the students visited the city center of Oslo and the Fram polarship museum. After that they got aboard on their last ferry for the night from Oslo to Kiel in Germany and then they drove back to Bensheim.

    Below a short movie from the tour.