Preparatory meeting

    In February 2015 we arranged a  preparatory visit in Wroclaw, Poland to start working on the application. At the same time we were actively using our Facebook group containing members from all partner schools to work on the application and prepare material for the project. The partners have been chosen because of their location along the most important routes that were used  in Europe. The partnership was established through old and new contacts in Etwinning and Comenius partnerships. Some of the partners have not been involved in a similar project so far, so working within this international partnership will become a new experience for them. The group has been working intensely using teachers´facebook group, google docs as well as Etwinning platform for the purpose of putting in a successful application.
    We opened the etwinning project “Can you tell me the way to...? Tracing our European identity on foot." in April 2015 and started to gather all ideas needed for the realization of the project.
    After receiving approval from of our school administrations, all involved teachers started to work locally and tried to persuade other teachers to join and implement the topic into the next  school year curriculum.