• The project is composed by 6 different schools located in Italy, UK, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain. All of them are teaching business or subjets related to enterpreneurship. Currently, the kind of economics taught at school is fairly simple and mainly theoretical. Sometimes there is a lack of real activity. That's why we want our students to vibrate with economy, business and entrepreneurship subjects. Due to this fact, in this project we will create new teaching materials based on the creation of real products and real marketing channels. During the work, students have to be the protagonists: to think, to choose and to make decisions. During the project students will work in collaboration, communication, critical thinking and the use of new technologies.


    Creation of new teaching materials: different methodological guides connecting theoretical knowledge with a real process.
    Creation of a product (a real one, i.e. a delicatessen jam, a perfume, a special candy, etc.) to be promoted and sold.
    Market study.
    Marketing study.
    Product box design.
    Legal base for exportation.
    Manufacturing process.
    E-commerce web page.
    Customers' surveys.

    Work process

    Seven Learning/Teaching/Training activities are planned in this project:
    Project kick-off and partners training.
    Meeting two: Presentation of market study and product scope.
    Meeting three: Recipe and production process.
    Meeting four: Marketing study and product logo, box design and slogan.
    Meeting five: Legal base for exportation, funding and E-commerce web page
    Meeting six: Activation of E-commerce web page and customers' surveys.
    Meeting seven: Final assessment.
    Among meeting intervals eTwinning as weel as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp will be used as means of communication and project results dissemination. In this project, team work is going to be a central point since students will work cooperatively with other partners from different countries being mixed in heterogeneous groups.

    Expected results

    Our participants will develop an entrepreneur spirit as well as a personal growth since students will become people free of prejudice and with an open view towards the world which will contribute to make themselves people with initiative, strength to make decisions and in the future, become involved in the labour world. Work based learning will be one of the master educational lines of our schools. Once the participants have achieved new skills, they will be able to transfer them to their everyday school life so that both, teachers and students will reuse all the materials created in the forthcoming years as the subjects may change but the methodology will be inherited from this project. Presentations about the workshops and the activities carried out are going to be shown to the rest of their school mates so in that way, not only students attending the international meetings are going to benefit but also all the members of the school, even teachers.