Future Learning Lab - Pupils' voice

  • During meetings, you had the chance to see different Future Classroom Labs in schools around Europe. You also had the chance to work on a transformed Future Classroom Lab at your school.

    Tell us what you think


  • The Future Classroom Lab is formed by six different learning spaces. Which one is the best for you?
    1. Investigate
    2 votes (6.25%)
    2. Create
    15 votes (46.88%)
    3. Present
    2 votes (6.25%)
    4. Interact
    9 votes (28.13%)
    5. Exchange
    1 vote (3.13%)
    6. Develop
    3 votes (9.38%)
  • What is Future Classroom Lab for me?

    Working happily

    In a FCL students are free to be creative. I love the colours of FCL

    A new school

    Future Classroom Lab improveδ both learning environment and practices

    A new idea

    Our school is very modern and it makes us happy

    Home classroom

    I want a classroom that feels like home

    Modern classroom

    Modern classroom for learning. New interesting lessons and activities

    Traditional classrooms

    Traditional classrooms look too old for me. Yet, you can try new ideas in an old classroom


    A great resource for free images

    Gymnasio Gennadiou FCL

    Future Classroom Lab of Gymnasio Gennadiou on local TV


    Computers must be part of learning


    I love modern furniture, school has to be modern


    Future Classroom Lab supports working together


    Enjoyable experience


    I think pupils want to move around the classroom. It's against stress


    I would like to work on a desk like this

    Future Classroom Lab

    A magic new world

    Future Classroom Lab

    The best classroom I have ever seen

    Real classroom

    Is that a real classroom?

    Group work

    Working together at a flexible environment

    Future Classroom Lab

    Learning zones

    A classroom in my heart
    Future Classroom Lab

    An international idea for all schools

    Typical classroom

    A typical classroom is not a cosy learning space

    A creative team

    .....in a creative classroom

    Future Classroom Lab
    Happy pupils

    Happy pupils working together

    Future Classroom Lab

    Flexible spaces for both teachers and pupils

    Flexible learning spaces
    Future Classroom Lab


    Future Classroom Lab

    All in one classroom