SPAIN IES El Sobradillo

  • IES El Sobradillo is an institution located in a peripheral neighborhood in the southwest district of the capital of the island of Tenerife. Our center offers the teaching of Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training (professional qualifications level 1, 2 and 3) of three professional families and that has an Enclave Classroom that trains students with intellectual and motor disabilities.

    Our students, especially in Compulsory Secondary Education and Basic Vocational Training, come from an environment with a lack of healthy habits, associated in large part with a low purchasing power, but also due to lack of training in creating daily routines at home.

    We have a significant percentage of students with specific needs for educational support and students with disabilities, even having an enclave classroom, for students with intellectual and motor disabilities who are integrated into many of the center's activities.

    Our center is involved with its environment, actively participating in the activities proposed by the City Council (extracurricular sports activities within the center and outside of it, such as hiking, cultural visits, etc.), health center in the area (specific workshops of health promotion and risk prevention, collaboration in the detection of student health problems, etc.), social services (joint intervention in situations of possible risk), neighborhood associations and families, as well as non-governmental organizations that offer everything type of workshops and activities to promote a comprehensive education of the entire educational community.

    The center was founded in 1992, beginning to offer vocational education exclusively. Gradually the teachings of Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Enclave Class were incorporated, which favored the elimination of architectural barriers becoming a completely accessible center for people with reduced mobility.

    As additional resources we have a kitchen within the Enclave Classroom for the development of the personal autonomy of its students, a cafeteria that opens in the morning and afternoon and a school garden dynamised by teachers of the Agrarian professional family. Regarding the use of new technologies we have two computer rooms and a library that has computers for the use of students and families that need it.

    Apart from this, the center disseminates the activities it carries out and information relevant to the educational community through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as the center's website (

    IES El Sobradillo is an Institution with Advanced Vocational Training in Administrative, Agriculture and  Automotive. This is the first time we are trying to be involved in European Programe as Erasmus +, although we have some experts from other countries working with us helping to improve the level of  English of our students.

    First of all we are interested in companies and institutions related to the fields named before. In the same way, is very important to find a good place were our students improve their knowledges about English and other tasks. Employability, opportunities, facilities of accommodation are very important.

    Our Institution is located near the city centre of the capital of the island of Tenerife, in a not really developed area, where students need new ways to improve their cultural level and a chance to discover different countries and cultures.


    1. To involve our students in a different atmosphere of studies and works.

    2. To Cooperate with companies and European institutions in order to open new possibilities for our students.

    3. To find new ways for enhancing skills of teaching for our staff.