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    eTwinning’s spirit is based on mutual understanding and respect

    Think whether you follow the code of conduct at your school, at TwinSpace and your life in general. 

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  • Code of Conduct, tell us what you think

    Code of conduct in classrooms and social life

    I think we must follow Code of Conduct beyond TwinSpace

    New communication

    We need to know a code of conduct because we meet a lot of new people today. We need to learn to respect each other

    Be polite

    I think as digital citizens we must be polite even if we are not face to face with our digital friends

    No stereotypes

    All citizens are equal, we are friends from all the world


    We have been to space, but do not forget to be human


    All beings need love to learn together

    Learn together

    We learn better and we are more creative with our friends from different schools

    Social media

    We love social media, but do not fiorget to be kind


    I like being online and a code of conduct is necessary


    A great website for great images


    We love all our classmates, from all countries. We respect, we tolerate, we are kind and friendy.


    For me, it is very interesting to be in a team with different people

    Intellectual property

    Before sharing pictures, videos, documents or any other resources, please make sure you have the right to do so

    Best friends

    Etwinning helped me get new best friends


    Etwinning, a safe digital place for all

    A digital society

    Please follow code of conduct


    Respect differences, work together, learn from each other

    Personal data

    Be thoughtful about content you post that relates to others. You should not share your or other eTwinners' private information.

    Always think before you post!
    For eTwinners

    eTwinners should conduct their online interactions professionally, politely, and respectfully as they would do in their real-life interactions

    Be tolerant

    Accept that some cases may result to “agree to disagree"


    We share our world

    Respecting other people

    Respecting other people, and their activities on this platform, and assuming that their actions are motivated by good intentions will make eTwinners not only feel comfortable and safe, but also motivated and productive

    Difference is beautiful
    Social competence

    Follow eTwinning Code of Conduct to develop Social Competences


    You work better when you are positive

    We love eTwinners
    Code of conduct

    Follow Code of conduct to become a respectful citizen in your future

    Code of conduct

    I advise all students to follow a code of conduct in their real and digital life


    A code of conduct is necessary in an online platform