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  • Arts Quest

    is a cultural heritage project that focuses on four arts i.e. painting, music, architecture and cinematography requiring from project children to study the four countries' (Estonia, Greece, Poland, Lithuania) cultural production in these four arts in order to co-write an adventure story. 

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    The children co-write an adventure story about works of art from the four countries' cultural production. The story is based on the screenplay of a film that the children suggest and vote for.

    Using online tools (Google docs, meetingwords, TimelineJS), the children tell an "Art Adventure Story" which comprises four adventures, one for each of the four arts (architecture, painting, music, and cinematography). For each art, the children research their national production, discuss and select four representative pieces of work, provide a short text with information about them and upload image/video and text in the TwinSpace. Project children vote for one piece from each country and work in transnational groups (one TG for each one of the four arts) studying partners’ texts in class, meeting in the relevant forum (Forums and TGs are named after the four arts), drafting together a list of questions and answers based on the four texts. The final collaborative products are a Kahoot game about the project partners and an adventure story (re-told with text and media) of four children protecting works of art from the four project countries


    Apart from linguistic and digital skills, the project aims at developing young learners’ cultural competences through activities focusing on tangible (buildings, monuments, paintings), intangible (Christmas songs) and digital heritage  (films) drawing their attention to the wealth of other cultures, the similarities that European cultures share as well as the unique diversity existing and being cherished in Europe.


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