Support a monument of your town

  • On this year eTwinning project we are working on Cultural Heritage, and we are focusing on our surrounded area. On this task we are working on the monuments we have around in our town and area.


    To start and warm up with this task we are going to do a Thinking routine: I see - I think - Iwonder with the following video.






    What questions do you want to learn about? Does any of the Wonder part ideas that you want to investigate about it?


    We are going to support a monument of our town: "Aguilar de Campoo" investigating about them and inviting to visit them.


    AIM of the task: Create a PowerPoint presentation about one of the monuments.


    STEP 1: Let's create the learning diary of your group, remind you have an example at the beginning of the eTwinning Section in One Note. Let's copy and paste into the collaboration space, teacher have already created a section for that purpose.


    STEP 2: Read the task completly with your group collegues including the given rubric, it is the moment to ask your questions or misunderstandings to your teacher. When you read the rubric remind you have to think about what things you should pay more attention because you are not very good at them.


    STEP 3: It is time to choose a monument from Aguilar de Campoo or the surrounded area. We are going to create some work about it to "support" it. Let's have a look to the following website to choose one of it.



    STEP 4: Create a logo for your work to display into the class working board. This logo will be created into a word document. It includes a picture of the monument, the group's name and a chart or some empty space to write down at the end of the lesson where your working process stops.


    STEP 5: Look for the complete name of the monument, a picture of it and look for it in Google maps (You will need a picture of this last action to include it into the final product). Save everything into the final products section.


    STEP 6:  Write seven sentences about what you CAN DO and three sentences about what you CAN'T DO in Aguilar de Campoo. Save everything into the final products section.


    STEP 7: Write five sentences about the history of the monument. Let's use on, at, until and from. (Review the grammar in your class book)


    STEP 8: Write five sentences describing the monument. You have to use Some, any and lots of (Review the grammar point in your class book).


    STEP 9: Create a poster with a short sponsor sentences to invite people to visit that monument, this will be use to take a picture with it and the group.


    STEP 10: Let's go on a route!!!! We are going to go around the selected monuments of the class members. Every group will explain something about that monument and we will take the pictures with the posters.

    When we arrive back to the class students will do the following thinking routine:

    • What did we do?
    • What did I learn?
    • What did I surprised by?
    • What do I want to continue investigating?


    STEP 11: Create the final product. A Sway including all the information. You have here an example to do it. If you consider you can copy and create your own one from it.


    • At the upper right corner you will have … if you click on Iniciar sesión (if it is not done yet), and then again click on …. Duplicate this SWAY, you will have a new one , please rename it (My guide of a good mycologist (Your name))
    • Follow the instructions you will find into the Sway for adding the different subproducts.
    • When you finish remind to remove all the text box and to change your personal data in the title and in the Licence.
    • It is time to create your post into Kidblog:
    • Send the link of your post through the Assigment on TEAMS.