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  • About the project

    The project @mb@ss@dors of European Democratic Culture is aimed at the interest of strengthening a peaceful and cultivated democracy in involved countries and in the European area. The activities in this project focus on European values and the development of European identity. Pupils learn about European Union's fundamental values: respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. They learn that these values unite all the member states and that a country, that does not recognize these values, cannot belong to the Union. Pupils explore their national identity, become aware of different nations that build the European community and develop the sense of belonging to the European community as a whole. They learn to appreciate the diversity of life in the Europe. They understand and respect the fact that life in Europe is culturally diverse and that different people bring different values to the European community thus making it stronger. 


    The goal of this project is to lead and motivate students and to widen their horizons about the European democratic culture and European citizenship by going through different issues connected with European fellowship. The project will develop students´ values: valuing human dignity and human rights, valuing cultural diversity, democracy, justice, fairness, equality and rule of law.The project supports students attitudes of openness to cultural otherness and other beliefs, world views and practices, respect, civic – mindedness, responsibility, self-efficacy, tolerance of of ambiguity. Project´s aim is to develop students´skills of autonomous learning, analytical and critical thinking, listening an observing, empathy, flexibility and adaptability. It supports also linguistic, communicative skills, cooperation and conflict-resolution skills. Last but not least the goal of the project is to lead students to obtain knowledge and critical understanding competences.


    Work process: October - introduction – countries, towns, schools, students : November – December the partner schools work on the project. they discuss different issues of the project and discuss these topics: Do you feel as a European and why…?, What constitutes European citizenship?, Are there any points that are disputable about EU policy? What is important for a national identity? Which are national/ Euro. topics that are in discussion in your society? How does the demographic mix influence your feeling of citizenship?. They will discuss all the topics connected with European Democratic Culture. They will also have video conferences about the topics of he project, will have debate on Europe Day and much more. They will be led to understand the values of European democratic culture. We will try to create Model EP and work as MEPs, take part in students´ EP elections in 2019. At the end of the project we will meet public talking with real MEPs about issues of the Eur. democratic cultu


    Better understanding European democratic culture, European values, motivation of students and widening their horizons about the European identity and European citizenship, European democracy by going through different issues connected with European fellowship, thus making progress in mutual understanding of the vision of democratic Europe, its present and future. Creating the web page of the project and presenting the project wider public: schoolmates, parents, people in the home town, other schools,...local newspapers and press. Web page of the project: https://ambassadorsedc.wixsite.com/etwinning