14. Project Evaluation

  • What activity did you like best?
    the ice breaking activities
    1 vote (2.38%)
    the video "who is changing the world"
    5 votes (11.90%)
    the word cloud "today's society challenges"
    3 votes (7.14%)
    a quote to change the world
    3 votes (7.14%)
    discussing the John-Paul Flintoff Ted Talk
    1 vote (2.38%)
    sending/ receiving Christmas cards
    11 votes (26.19%)
    the real life challenges
    12 votes (28.57%)
    writing the collaborative poems
    1 vote (2.38%)
    discussing the TED Talk by Greta Thunberg
    5 votes (11.90%)
  • In this section, we want to ask you

    what you thought of the project:

    what was your favourite activity?

    What did you like about the project?

  • What did you like about this project?

    Miss Vetter

    What I liked best in this project was the partners: it's always great to work with motivated teachers and students!
    I also liked how committed my own students were :)
    Good job everyone!

    Lucas (France)

    It was pretty cool to do less school-typical projects, something more interactive than sittting on a desk with a sheet of paper and a pen.

    Julie (France)

    I liked working on projects which allow us to really act and it was pretty good to do it together

    Juliette (France)

    I liked doing projects about climate change! ;)

    Amélia (France)

    I find that it was a very good experience to have the possibility to talk with students in other countries !

    Julien (France)

    I like the cooperation between all the countries

    Anaïs (France)

    I liked the way everybody worked and met each others, that was nice to know that some people want to talk and know other people in different culture.

    Piergiorgio Acquarelli

    The best thing about this project is the collaboration with the other countries and "meet" new people

    Giacomo Cesari

    I enjoyed collaborating and meeting new people and people from other countries of this project

    Michele (Italia)

    I really enjoyed this project and it was also very interesting because it allowed us to communicate with people from other countries.

    Riccardo (Italy)

    My favorite activity of this project was to choose a goal and then make a video that contained an awareness message. The best thing about the project was the possibility of interacting with other countries.

    Marcello Mela

    Thank you for the wonderful experience carried out with you. I hope this event can be repeated because it was really rewarding. Good summer to all.

    Artibani Andrea

    I think that this experience serves to understand many things , for example , like improving the world and ourselves and it is beautiful because we are dealing with millions of topics and we can socialize with people from all over the world .

    Klajdi Sallaj (IT)

    I really liked working in this project and my favourite moment was when we did the real life challenges.

    Ascani Luca

    In general I really liked this project in all its areas and I'm glad I did.

    Marco Calandri

    I really liked this project, especially when we faced the challenge launched on social media to clean up the streets and squares from garbage.

    Luca (Italy)

    In general I really liked this project in all its areas and I'm glad I did.

    Edoardo Pasquini (Italy)

    I really enjoyed this project, interacting with other people in the world was really nice and fun, but above all I really enjoyed talking and learning more about Greta Thunberg's idea.
    Thanks to my teacher for putting me in this project.

    Giulio Bellanca

    I loved the activities in general , even if some of them were kind of boring , and
    I really enjoy the fact that everything I did can be seen by everyone else and vice versa.

    Cipriani Mattia

    In this project I liked to donate money to save the children and I loved listening to the idea that this young girl named Greta Thunberg had. in total it was a project that made me interact with the guys from other countries, improving my English.

    Nicolò Gasparrini

    I really enjoyed creating a video in which I could imagine the solution to one of the problems that afflict the world

    Emanuele Camilli

    I really enjoyed participating in this project. The thing that I liked most is the chance to talk to people from other countries that you will probably never see.

    Zeynep Kılınçer

    I liked the real life challenges the most. This project was so awasome for me. It was a great experience.

    Mrs Çakırlı

    I really liked the partnership in this project. Motivated,hardworking,disciplined and wholehearted partners make the projects perfect. So, I think we could reach our aims thanks to all volunteer students. I must say that ice breaking activities were perfect to get the point. Thanks.

    Eda Özübek (Turkey)

    My favourite activity was sending and receiving Christmas cards.I love memorable gifts and I'm pretty sure that I will keep the card that I've receivied for the rest of my life.

    Simay (TURKEY)

    I really enjoyed this project. I met new people. I had new friends. We have done good work together.

    Berkay Yusuf SOYARSLAN (TURKEY)

    Every stage of the project was beautiful. I met really sweet people with this project (like Anais). I would like to thank all partners for their efforts.

    İpek yıldız

    I liked finding inspiring quotes about changing the world most.


    I loved this project.I think sending christmas cards to each other was the best part of the project.It was really fun and we learned about each other.It was nice to getting a christmas card from Italy.I hope I can join a project like this again.

    Pelin Alptekin (TURKEY)

    This project has enabled me to work with people from other cultures and to learn how to use the programs that will be useful to us in our future life.It was really good to work with all this people in here.My favourite activity was the word cloud part.It was really fun and exciting to learn that program.

    Sude İpek (Turkey)

    What i liked the most about this project is that i had a chance to meet and talk with students from other countries. This project also encouraged me to do something good to change the world. I am really thankful to my teacher for putting me in this beautiful and fun project.

    Buse Feyza Babacan(Turkey)

    All of the activities in this project are so valuable for me but my favorite activity was organized to help.Also it was nice to meet students from different cultures.

    Havva Nur (Turkey)

    I like this project. Because I like to be in this kind of communication with people. Although we were in different countries, it was nice to celebrate the new years.

    Zeynep S. Özdoğan

    I believe This project thought us to be more caring about our world, our future, our life... and thats what I like about it. My favourite activity was sending and receiving Christmas cards. Because I enjoyed having a connection like that. And preparing card was fun.

    Gizem Türkeli (Turkey)

    I liked this project. My favourite activity was sending christmas cards. Because it was funny. I'm very happy to participate in this project.

    The wordcloud [Abdulhakim Acer (TR)]

    I liked it mostly cause it was fun to create and easy to do but much to show. Especially we have only taken words from our poems so it was creative and creative(x2). I think we can easily catch attention with them. Nice project!

    Abdulhakim Acer (TR)

    It was fun to create wordclouds and also easy to do. I think we can catch easily attention with them. We looked for the words in our poems so it was a very creative work

    İrem Özlü

    This project was a good experience for me and this project encouraged me to speak English. I've met a lot of people. We did a lot of fun activities. We'd love to have presents for each other. I've learned a lot of new programs and new cultural things. So the project was very good.

    Hasan Kerem Büyük(TUR)

    It was very nice to send messages to friends in other countries.We tried to get closer to that culture.It was so much fun.

    Meryem Karabulut (TR)

    The best part of the project was the group work. It was really nice to have chance to work other students from different countries. Sending post-cards was my favorite too. I am really happy to be a part of this project :)))

    Zeynep Aslı Deveci

    It was a great experience for me. I had so much fun doing the projects. It was also great way to communicate with other people.