3. Who is changing the world?

  • Watch the video and post a hashtag in the wordcloud below.

    What is a hashtag?

    Basically, a hashtag is adding a pound sign (#) before a word or phrase, making your content easier to be found by your target audience. Many people use the hashtag as a way to sort through all of the online “noise” and find what they are looking for. The first hashtag was used on Twitter, but today they are effectively used on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest as well.

    1. Spell your hashtag correctly
    2. Don't use spaces or punctuations.
    3. Use capital letters to break up what you're saying (ex: #LearningAboutHashtags)

    sources: https://www.schneiderb.com/research-hashtags-school-social-media-posts/