10.2. Challenge 2: Creating an online petition

  • This challenge was launched by Italy, here's how France and Turkey have faced it:


    5 groups, 5 different petitions.

    Although they were all great, I have decided to lend my voice (or rather my Change.org account) to Bastian, Anes, Julien, Pierre and Alessio.

    To vote and support their petition in favour of the investigation and punishment of people who abandon their pets, click here.

    Thanks to the other group who wanted to denounce:

    • the need to reduce taxes on organic products (Océlia, Louise, Juliette and Nina)
    • the mistreatment of elephants in India (Eca, Isaac and Julie)
    • bullying (Mélissa, Mélanie and Djanna)
    • the need to give more rights to women in India (Lucas, Camille, Manon and Amélie)


    We have brainstormed the problems of the young people in daily life which require practical solutions.

    Finally, we have voted for the most needed one to start a petition. The winner idea is:

    Young people want a "Modern Library" in each district to read,study,work on their projects with their friends.

    We have started an online petition on change.org and started to disseminate it to make others vote for it.


    To see and vote, please click here .


    *By launching these petitions, our students have seen that they can make their voices become more active with peaceful actions. They also realised that there are many ways to become more active citizens at least at school and our district.