Add-on: Digital Natives & Non-Natives (DE)

  • Do a survey to investigate what life without digital media used to be like and how it differs from life in a digital community today.


    Interview digital natives (born after 1980) and digital non-natives (born before 1980).

    How has life for teenagers changed with regards to

    a) communication and self-reflection (letters, diary etc.)?


    b) entertainment (books, films, social media, computer games etc.)?


    c) learning, studying, information research (encyclopaedias, news etc.)?


    Compare the different media used, their functions and the time spent with them in digital and pre-digital times.


    How have changes in media use affected people's world views, relationships, self-perception and self-representation?


    Reflect critically. What is/was positive/negative about teenage media use in digital and pre-digital times?


    Design a web page on eTwinning to present your findings:


    Choose a professional layout.

    (= eye-catching headings and sub-headings, a clear structure (division into paragraphs), appealing colours, pictures, charts etc.)


    Choose an appropriate way of writing.

    Present an interesting text, which your readers will enjoy. Avoid unnecessary mistakes by using a spellchecker. 


    Present details of your findings. 

    Avoid general statements but give a detailed description of how the world of media has changed and what this means for the people you spoke with. Respect the privacy of your sources. Instead of giving full names, you may use initials only.


    Be critical and don't jump to conclusions.

    Ask yourself whether changes have been for the better or worse. Give reasons for your opionion. 





    Mika Baumeister, Source: Unsplash,URL: (license-free)