1.9 Feedback

  • Module 1 Station Learning


    The six learning stations that had been prepared in the course of the Erasmus+ Project days of module 1 served as learning resources for Goetheschule’s Year 8 and Year 9 CLIL class (“Diff. GW bilingual”).

    In preparation, the twenty-seven year 8 students did work on memories and their significance as well as on remembrance culture before they went through the learning stations prepared by and guided by the Earsamus+ project students.

    In the lesson which followed the work on the learning stations, the students were asked to give feedback on the stations and teaching methods used, the knowledge they felt they had acquired and how they felt about meeting and learning from students elsewhere in Europe during the lesson.

    A few examples of student feedback

    On the stations and teaching methods:

    • It was interesting because we learned how we form memories and what happens to them
    • I liked being active while learning at the same time
    • They had good ideas like the map of Europe displaying the different cultural heritage in each country
    • The stations were beautiful and creative, the ideas behind were cool
    • I enjoyed the Kahoot quiz

    On knowledge about memories:

    • We can’t always believe memories, they are often distorted or manipulated
    • If a memory stays in your mind for more than three seconds it will stay for a long time
    • I learned a lot of new things, e.g. what remembrance festivals people celebrate in different countries in Europe
    • Too many numbers and places – I could not keep up
    • We learnt a lot about the presented topics and our questions were well answered

    On meeting and working with the international student group:

    • The people were really nice but sometimes they spoke too fast
    • I liked the Russian students (from Cyprus) because I could speak to them in Russian, my native language
    • Some of the students were not talking enough, I needed more explanations
    • They explained very well so you could understand what they wanted to tell you and they did not treat us like little kids
    • You could talk openly to them; they were very nice
    • It was interesting to meet people from other countries and it was funny to learn from them about their country’s cultural heritage

    Martina Lacroix, teacher in Year 8 CLIL class at Goetheschule Essen