1st Mobility - Flix 11th-18th November 2018

  • Activities taking place during the 1st mobility 

    Agenda and day-to-day Instructions


    1st DAY - MONDAY 12th NOVEMBER

    Getting-to-Know Game


    Soap Making Workshop


    Class attendance and Guided Tour

    Danish students were guided through INS Flix school by Spanish students. Later they had a talk with the students that started the INSOAP business three years ago. The founders of the Cooperative business explained how they worked and raised the company from scratch. 


    Walk around Flix: Castle and the boat crossing


    Natural Reserve of Sebes

    Group Work - Logo, Catalogue and digital marketing communication channels




    Video activity - Oliflix

    Before leaving school to visit Oliflix, students watch a short video so that they become familiar with what they will see there. After watching the video they answer a few questions:

    The next video can be found at Oliflix website. Although the audio is in Spanish, the video is subtitled in English. Watch it and learn more about olives and how Oliflix produces oil. 

    Visit Oliflix


    Entrepreneurship Class

    Cooking Workshop

    Traditional Games


    Visit the School of Music



    Group Work - Video editing and updating social networks

    You can watch the result of the video editing at the end of THIS PAGE


    Interview Radio Flix


    Soap Wrapping


    5th DAY - FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER

    Class Attendance and Debate

    After having attended classes for three hours, students have a debate in small groups where they state the differences and similarities between life at their corresponding school. This is the document containing the summary of the debate.

    Writing Blog Entries for our TwinSpace Journal

    Don´t miss students´ impressions. Go find the blog entries and enjoy!


    Casa Navàs

    Gaudí Centre

    Olive Oil Fair - Tasting Activity

    All in all this is our week in a nutshell