• What are the objectives of this project?

    The overall objectives of the project are:
    1. to develop all students’ skills and competences in ICT and in entrepreneurship through innovative hands-on practices        at a more practical level.
    2. to strengthen the professional and international profiles of the teachers and institutions in the project.


    The project aims at achieving these overall objectives through the following project goals:

    Institutional level:
    - To foster cooperation and partnership between two educational institutions in order to develop and
      transfer new teaching methods and techniques on project-based entrepreneurship education.
    - to develop the pedagogical and didactic level of the two participating institutions, and to exchange best practices in an      International context.
    - to support the internationalization strategy of the two participating institutions.
    - to form a future partnership, and in the future invite more European schools to join.


    Teacher level:
    - to establish contact and work together with colleagues from another European country.
    - to develop new didactic skills, and to gain new cross border friendships.
    - to foster critical and creative reflection at a professional level.
    - to strengthen professional profile.


    Student level:
    - To foster students’ critical and creative thinking skills.
    - To improve students’ competency in the use of ICT when it comes to international networking and branding and                 promoting of a business.
    - To reach and commit students from all academic levels by teaching and learning in a more inclusive way
    - To improve students’ learning outcome.
    - To prepare students for a globalized labor market.
    - To “open the world” for the students and give the possibility to have new international friendships.


    Related to curricula, for students furthermore:
    - To communicate effectively with business partners as well as with potential customers by creating, developing and             maintaining the brand image and identity.
    - To produce soap recycling old olive oil understanding the chemical reactions behind the "saponification" process.
    - To apply designing techniques to produce cardboards for packaging.
    - To promote and advertise a business applying online marketing tools.