• Above:   Our Project Promotional 'postcard'
    Below:  PBL in Action project display at CEIP Juan del Río Ayala.
    Local news paper "La Gaceta de Santa Brígida" reports on our second Short Term Training event in Herrestaskolan.
    Parents asociation at CEIP Juan del Río Ayala help disseminate "PBL in Action" after the first short term staff training in London.


    Project introduction to Spanish partner school staff, CEIP Juan del Río Ayala:

    Download pdf here:
    Parents newsletter at CEIP Juan del Río Ayala
  • Dissemination materials

    Staff meeting at Spanish partner, CEIP Juan del Río Ayala

    Just after the 2nd joint staff training in Herrestaskolan

    Presentation to staff in Spanish partner school

    After 2nd joint staff meeting in Sweden

    Dissemination in Nov 2019 in China

    Our First Event (UK) PBL task (Design a New Bridge for London) was used as the Icebreaker for 12 schools from China and the UK when they met for the first time in Kunming and learned about PBL.

    CEIP Juan del Río Ayala

    Newsletter to parents

    Erasmus+ conference

    Erasmus+ projects in the Canary Islands conference, Twitter from the EU Office in the Canary Islands

    Canary Islands eTwinning Ambassadors Twitter


    UK Disseminatino to Visiting Teachers from France

    30 Jan 2019 -- Publicizing the 'PBL in Action' project to teachers from France, visiting John Donne partner school John Keats School in early 2019

    Goose Green parent's information

    The following presentation is available on the Goose Green website for our wider community to visit and learn from.

    Goose Green Primary school Newsletter

    After the successful short term training event in Sweden, we shared some information about the project in our school Newsletter.

    Goose Green Newsletter

    6th December 2019
    On our return from Gran Canaria, we once again shared our project with our wider school community.

    Saint-Estève magazine

    This free magazine is given to each family in Saint-Estève. An efficient way to make people know about PBL.

    Santa Brigida Event 3 Press

    Great coverage of our PBL Event 3 in the local paper of Santa Brigida, Dec 2019. Well done!

    France Pupil's exchange Press

    An article about event 3 in the local magazine.

    7 Jan 2020 - FR Dissemination Night for Parents

    Our French families met with us to learn about our work in Gran Canaria and hear how our pupil exchange there went and how it will work when the Spanish pupils come to France for our PBL Event 4

    FR Press

    2019 Newspaper coverage of our Event 3 pupil exchange


    Canary Islands eTwinning ambassadors group.


    Canary Islands eTwinning ambassadors group.


    Canary Islands eTwinning ambassadors group.