PBL in Action

Our project focuses on supporting teachers to develop PROJECT BASED LEARNING as a creative way to teach our pupils. All 5 schools in our project face greater than usual challenges as we work to educate the pupils from our diverse communities. Ensuring our staff remain focused on improving the quality of our teaching and that our pupils remain engaged and challenged by learning are shared concerns. Both separately and together, our schools have decided to encourage our staff to develop the approach of ‘Project Based Learning’ as a way of helping improve the teaching we deliver. This 2 year project will allow us to focus on this as a key part of our development and to exchange expertise around the pedagogy as we develop it and roll it out across our curriculums in our partner schools: - John Donne Primary (UK) Goose Green Primary (UK) CEIP Juan del Río Ayala Primary, Santa Brigada, (Spain) Ecole Elementaire Pau Cazals, Saint-Estève (France) Herrestaskolan, Barkaby (Sweden)

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