• The project is called "STEM TO STEAM". Our project aims to work on the most effective ways to cope with under-achievement in STEAM subjects in classes, to promote acquisitions of skills and competences, to increase access to high quality early childhood education and raise the quality of education. The activities and workshops planned in the project will help students with low achievements on their STEAM subjects, and by doing so, increasing their chances to succeed in their professional life. This project will have great importance for schools as it may serve as an
    example and encourage other teachers to develop similar projects.

    The greatest thing about the STEAM movement in Europe is that young people don’t have to wait until further down the line in education to be exposed to it. STEM to STEAM is an initiative to add Art and Design to the national agenda of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The goal is to foster the true innovation that comes with combining the mind of a scientist or technologist with that of an artist or designer.

    We are sure that basing on the researches which are public and on our own diagnosis thatdeveloping STEAM skills from the youngest years will contribute to nullify failures on the higher levels of education and the adult life. That is why the project is our answer for the horizontal priority:
    Achievement of relevant and high quality skills and competences and giving the help to students


    Project objectives
    * To increase students’ interest in STEAM education and careers and introduced them to all
    available new trends in technology.
    * To raise awarness of current shortfall on STEM professionals and the potential career paths there
    is for our pupils.
    * To train and equip our teachers with skills and tools to make STEAM lessons interesting and
    appealing to our pupils.
    * To develop collaborative partnership between schools and the wider community in formal, nonformal
    and informal learning.
    * To implement the European dimension amongst all participants.