Project description

  • Project title: Four shades of literacy

    Project number: 2018-1-CZ01-KA229-047992

    Project life-cycle: 2018 - 2020

    Partners: OA a VOŠ Příbram (Czech Republic)
                    Berufsbildende Schule Idar-Oberstein Harald Fissler Schule(Germany)
                    2nd Vocational Highschool of Heraklion (Greece)
                    Lycée Raul Follereau Belfort (France)


    The project focuses on 4 topics - media, financial, cultural and social literacy. Participants should develop skills and competences in these areas by creating power-point presentations, quizzes, worksheets, questionnaires related to these topics and take part in workshops, discussions and excursions in companies dealing with all four kinds of literacy. As a result, 4 short films will come into existence, describing how young people from 4 European countries deal with the specific topics. All project results will be presented in the project web-site, face-book and E-twinning. The E-twinning platform will also be used to publish our literacy guide. The project will have about 2000 direct participants (students and teachers from four partner schools) as well as 500 indirect participants (local community, other students and pupils, local authorities).