older drawings on immigration

  • Four years ago, with a small group of 14 years old students, some of which are members of our Erasmus+ project today, we started working on the refugee crisis in Greece. The students tried to comprehend and react in ways that expressed their sensitivity and alertness towards this humanitarian crisis. 

    They asked me (really frustrated and sad): "So, what is there we can do to help?"

    First, to care.

    Second, to work "together" with other schools from other countries. Like we do now, in our Erasmus+. Being human acknoledges no borders.

    The first drawing was made by Dimitra. Children often realate to a situation when it concerns other children. The second drawing was made by Apostolis, who moved away from Moudros and that is why he is not in our team today. People move. Not always on their own free will. But it is our free will that determines our behaviour towards people in need. It seems that when we treat others as humans deserving dignity, we stay humans ourselves.