Together: equal in dignity and rights.


The Twinspace is to be used as a support for the Erasmus+ project "Together: equal in dignity and rights" that is a two year project (September 2018- August 2020) focused on migration issue and global refugees emergency. It involves three High Schools ( IIS Tartaglia Olivieri, Brescia, Italy; Lycéè Des Metiers Du Tourisme Cordouan, Royan, France; Geniko Lykeio Moudrou, Limnos, Greece) By sharing on the Twinspace their works and meeting face to face during mobilities students will experience the difficulties and the attractiveness of meetpeople with different cultures. Through meeting experts and volunteers from NGOs that fight against intolerance and discrimination, students will find inspiration and courage to become responsible and socially active citizens, able to affect the responsables of human rights violations both inside and outside the school.

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