Assignment 4

  • Task 4: Creating Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

    Step 1: Present the Content: Sustainable Development Goals and ask students to choose a goal that resonates with them personally. (The more relevant and meaningful this task becomes, the more effort your students will have toward this project).

    Step 2: Have students research the content ( you may point them toward a couple of online resources).

    Step 3: Create a 30-second/ 90-second long PSA

    Students will be designing their own PSAs to raise awareness among fellow teens about their chosen goal.

    PSAs are videos created to raise awareness and change public attitudes and behaviour toward a social issue. Explain that effective PSAs often have a powerful message that sticks with the viewer, sometimes becoming part of society’s collective psyche. Distribute “Plan your PSA” worksheet/storyboard and ask your students to fill it out. A storyboard is a visual way to plan the action for TV shows or videos. Movie directors and animators use storyboards to plot their thinking and ideas.

    DIRECTIONS: In the blank boxes below, plan out a powerful PSA that raises awareness among fellow teens about your chosen SDG. Use the Audio lines to describe music, sound effects, and dialogue that will be included. The Special Effects (SFX) line should describe any effects you plan to use, such as distortion, blur, and colour alteration. The Text lines should contain any words, such as titles or credits, that will show on the screen.


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    Step 4: Ask students to share their work with an authentic audience (Facebook/Youtube/Twitter/ Instagram)


    1rst junior high school of Markopoulo, Athens, Greece, Viki Dogani

    assignment 4 

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  • PSAs


    Please upload your work here

    Affordable and clean energy-PSA
    IIS P. SRAFFA Crema

    Students' PSAs

    Speakers' Corner at Romain-Rolland-Gymnasium, Berlin

    We decided not to create a video because we wanted to involve the school community as much as possible. That is why the students prepared a three minute speech regarding their chosen SDG to be delivered to the public. At Speakers' Corner, they gave very emotional speeches and rallied students for their cause. They described what their motivation was to have chosen a particular goal, included statistics, anecdotes and appealed to the audiences. Everybody truly enjoyed their speeches.

    SDG 5 PSA - Buket Uluğ