Assignment 3

  • Task 3 Oral Presentations

    This task gives you an opportunity to select a specific problem affecting the world (have a look at the 17 Sustainable Development Goals), to research the problem, and to design a procedure for its solution. The assignment will culminate with an oral presentation detailing the significance of the selected problem along with a proposed solution and how it is to be implemented.

    Each student will choose a real problem that is of significant interest and that has been addressed by the UN.

    Requirements for the Oral Presentation: You will prepare a 5-8 min. oral presentation that details the problem addressed, and the particular solution being offered. The oral presentation must include:

    • A clear introduction and the specific problem selected
    • A clear rationale for why this is a real problem
    • Why is this a problem to the global community?
    • Who or what is being harmed by the problem?
    • How big is this problem?
    • Why must we act now?

    A discussion of the many possible solutions that were identified for the selected problem

    Your solution should identify and develop the following:

    • Spell out a clear course of action

    The use of at least 3 sources adding credibility to your problem and presentation. All the sources must be cited in the APA citation style.


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