Event in Villa Tittoni

  • On the occasion of the final meeting in Italy, the Liceo Majorana organized a three days event in the historical mansion Villa Tittoni under the auspicies of the municipality of Desio.

    Students set up an exhibit in different areas: natural and induced disasters, climate change and its effects, Earth monitoring, wasting and recycling, biodiversity loss.

    In each area students prepared posters, STEM experiments and games for the visitors.

    The exhibit has been visited by students from different schools in the region and citizens.

    During the three days event, several other activities have been organized.

    A simulation (CCCS: climate change congress simulation) of the UN climate change negotiations was staged.Students from differents schools of region Lombardia participated at this simulation with students involved in the eHAND project. The CCCS exercise provides participants the chance to explore the risks of climate change and the challenges of negotiating international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In a live, face-to-face setting, students play negotiators representing countries and regional blocs that work to create an agreement that limits climate change by reducing GHG emissions. Proposals are tested using a climate policy simulation model (by MIT)  that provides participants science-based feedback on the implications of their proposals for atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, global mean surface temperature, sea level rise, and other impacts. CCCS enables participants to explore the dynamics of the climate and impacts of proposed policies in a way that is consistent with the best available peer-reviewed science but that does not prescribe what should be done. . Participants also develop their skills in negotiation, presentation, and policy evaluation.


    Students presented the results of their research

    and a video about the three years of the project.

    In each school a hackathon was organized to raise awareness for the problem sustainability, so students introduced the winning projects.

    Presentation of International Collaboration about sustainability:

    Contributions of reserchers.

    GianPietro Verza, mountain guide, responsible for the Pyramid Laboratory at
    NCOP (Nepal Climate Observatory Pyramid)

    The desciption of the activities is on the Italy meeting website

    The video about Ialy meetng