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    Volcanoes & Earthquakes

    Volcanoes & Earthquakes shows the latest earthquakes and active volcanoes on a map and as list.
    You can filter the data shown in various ways, e.g. by magnitude or age of earthquakes, the distance from your location, the status of volcanoes and so on.

    USGS Earthquake Tracker

    With "Seismo Harbinger", you can know the complete details of the earthquakes happening around the world.


    eQuake is an earthquake early-warning app developed. It uses a network of seismic sensors to detect earthquakes. When an earthquake occurs, the Zizmos servers send the user an early-warning notification that alerts the user of expected shaking in the area. The ability to detect earthquakes and provide alerts is dependent on the number of sensors in the Zizmos network.

    My volcano

    myVolcano is a citizen science app that enables you to share your observations of natural hazards.