A visit at The Environmental Education Center

  • On 9th April class IIc visited The Environmental Education Center.

    1. We learnt about e-waste:

    • What e-waste is,
    • how and where to collect it,
    • the law in Poland which refers to e-waste
    • why e-waste is dengerous to our environment
    • some statistics in Poland and around the world

    2. We watched a really moving film about illegal recycling e-waste in India where a lot of children are involved in it.















    3. We took part is workshop duing different activities like a crossword about e-waste, filling the gaps in the diagram about recycling e-waste.

    We also had a short survey.

    At the end of our visit we went to see the place where e-waste is collected and sorted out to different containers.

    And of course, there was a lot of fun and we enjoyed being together.