The plan

  • Google doc for teachers to share national plans of the campaign

    The plans for each country

    The plan of the project “Greener eTwinners for a greener future”


    • Making students aware of environmental problems.
    • Arousing students’ awareness about electro rubbish.
    • Showing how we can care about the environment and how to be environmentally friendly
    • Collecting electro rubbish from the neighbourhood area
    • Giving the students opportunities to learn about other countries and how the solve the environmental problems.
    • Encouraging students to improve their language skills and motivate them to learn English.
    • Improving using ITC tools.
    • Developing abilities of cooperating within a group.


    Activities (on twinspace):

    About the project:

    • The plan of the project (Time Rime)
    • The participants on the map (Tripline)
    • Information for teachers and students about copyrights, using free photos

    About the teams

    • Introducing the teams (Thinglink – the photo of a group with the recorded voices)
    • Short presentations about our schools ( location, the number of students, facilities, compulsory  subjects and extracurricular classes)
    • The plans of the campaign for each country

    Electro rubbish - before the campaign

    • research on the subject electro rubbish in each country
    • preparing posters and leaflets about the campaign
    • visiting “environmental education center” or the other organisation (if you have any) and download photos, films and summaries of the visit
    • organizing some activities in your school (for example: a lesson about electro rubbish for younger students, a competition (choose 3-4 students who represent each class and prepare a competition) You are welcome with more ideas.

    Electro rubbish - during the campaign

    • distributing the leaflets 2 days before collecting electro rubbish(the students will distribute the leaflets with  some catchy slogans and the date of collecting electro rubbish in the neigbourhood area, they will place the leaflets in the post boxes. Placing the posters in visible places.
    • the campaign in the streets of our neigbourhood 1 day before collecting electro rubbish, giving leaflets to the passersby, interviewing some of them
    • collecting the electro rubbish; It depends on the situation in your country. In Poland we will call the company which deal with collecting electro rubbish. They will come on the chosen date to collect “our treasure” from our school. What is important they will pay us so if more of us have similar situation we can send the money earned for charity, for example for children to Syria or another children in need who are not so lucky. Please, recognize the situation about collecting electro rubbish in your country.

    Electro rubbish - after the campaign

    • the summary of the campaign
    • preparing a photo gallery, a common film, a common presentation, e-book


    • a survey for the students
    • a survey for the teachers