Safety on the Net and copyright

  • ­­­­­Dear Students!

               You should know that if you write a story or a poem, draw/paint a picture you automatically have the copyright to it. As a holder of copyrights you can:

    • Copy your work and distribute the copies
    • Introduce and show your work publicly

    If you are not the author you cannot:

    • Copy someone’s work
    • Distribute someone’s work
    • Introduce publicly someone’s work
    • Show someone’s work publicly

    You must know that there is something like Fair Use. It means you can use copyrighted material in a reasonable way, for example for non-profit educational purposes, to teach/learn something.

    When you prepare a presentation  don’t “copy and paste”, you should read and write your own text based on the knowledge you gained. You can copy the dates, titles. If you copy a text or download a photo remember, you are not its author! At the end of your presentation  you should place the sources you used, for example the www pages where you found texts and photos.

    There are the www pages with free downloads and you can use their content to download and use in your presentations.


    Learn how to be an author!

    Avoid “copy and paste” it is a kind of theft!