November 2, 2019: The group arrived in İstanbul and picked by the host students and parents. The hosts took the students home.

    November 3, 2019: The students spent the day with the host students and their families and followed the program planned for them. They had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a new culture by participating in the publicity tours by the parents and the activities they introduced our students through the routines they followed in daily life. A group of students participated in EuroAsia Marathon which was held for charity. The teachers visited Beylerbeyi Palace and got information about Ottoman Empire period. They also had a sightseeing tour in Moda and Kadıköy where they listened to legends about historical places and different areas in İstanbul told by the Turkish Literature teacher. They then went to the European side and visited historical places. The group had a welcome dinner with the school administration.


    November 4, 2019: Students and teachers met at the host school İELEV Private High School at 8.00. After attending the opening and welcoming ceremony, the students of each partner country made their presentations introducing their countries, cities and the schools they came from, thus getting to know each other more closely. While the teachers held the project meetings at the school, the participating students participated in orientation games which were conducted by Grade 12 students as a part of their CAS project in their IB-DP. The group had a school tour and were introduced to department staff. The partner students and teachers visited different classes to observe a variety of subjects which enabled them to see samples from Turkish curriculum. The teachers had dinner at Maiden’s Tower where they learnt about the interesting tale of the place.   


    November 5, 2019: Students and teachers met in European Side/Sultanahmet at 9.00. First they visited Hagia Sophia in a guided tour and learnt about the history of the area and the place. They visited the Basilica Cistern where they were informed about another legend. After that the group had lunch on a boat which toured the Bosphorus and the tour guide told them different legends about various historical buildings, places they saw during the trip. The group then visited the Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Market, which gave them another view about Turkish culture. 


    November 6, 2019: Students and teachers met at the host school İELEV at 8.30. Drama rehearsals and project meetings were held. Partner teachers worked on evaluation of project progress, England mobility dates and mobility tool while the students were working in “tale creation workshops” . They worked in 11 different mixed groups and the workshops were conducted by host students. They created their own tales following the steps introduced by the host students. In the afternoon teachers worked on comparative study of tales and legends across Europe and students went on working on their tales and uploaded all the tales they created in shared drive folder to be edited. 


    November 7, 2019: Students and teachers met at the host school İELEV at 8.30. The teachers had their project meeting and worked on Airtable forms, and dissemination.  The Erasmus Corner of the school was updated by the group. The students had rehearsals in the auditorium to get ready for the culture night. At 17.00 parents started arriving at school and they brought various kinds of typical Turkish dishes to attend the school night. All students and teachers attended the night. The parents and school staff watched the plays performed by the students in mixed groups. Everyone enjoyed the culture night and all the partners said “Goodbye” to each other , knowing they have gained new friends with whom they will be in touch with from now on. The participants received their certificates of attendance and ended another fruitful mobility with wonderful memories. 


    15 February 2019: The groups traveled from İstanbul Airport to their countries and completed the project activity.

    The mobility of the project was generally full of activities that were very suitable for the title and purpose of the project. The participant students communicated with the group in a very comfortable way and they enjoyed all the activities and gained great experiences. The students completed the trip with very positive achievements such as using English language, getting to know different cultures, getting detailed information about fairy tales and legends, finding solutions to problems, using technology, respecting and adapting to differences, feeling like being part of a team in group work.