During this third mobility of the projects students and teachers followed this program: First day students spent the day with the host students and their families and followed the program planned for them.  The teachers spent the day together and toured the region.
    For the next 3 days students and teachers met at the IES Miguel Fernandez to attend different activities. Opening ceremony of the project. The school administration and the project coordinator provided information on the content of the project and the work to be carried out. After the school tour, the students gathered in the gym and took part in orientation  activities and team games. Then, all the students were given a presentation about producing comics and they were told  how to animate their tales with pictures. While the students started working in mixed groups in the classrooms, the partner school teachers carried out the project meetings. Their worked in groups (comics, comparative study of tales and legends across Europe). In addition, a group of students began rehearsing their performances (plays and puppet show) for the culture night. The partner teachers held meetings to discuss “European Cultural Heritage through Tales and Legends” and “Tales of the 21st Century, European Cultural Heritage of the future and other topics. 
    Information about Airtable and Twinspace platforms was given and student profiles were completed. Teachers worked on Mobility Tool and the Progress Report which was asked from Turkey by National Agency. They evaluated the development of the project and made sure that the process was progressing correctly. Erasmus Corner was updated.  
    On Tuesday we visited the Sefardi Route accompanied by guides and visited the important cultural and religious centers of the city.
    On Wednesday culture night was held with the participation of all host and guest students, teachers and families. During the night, the students played important scenes from a Spanish fairy tale and performed an English and a Dutch fairy tale as a puppet show. Afterwards, the traditional meals prepared by the parents were eaten and the whole group had a nice evening together.

    On Thursday morning students met in the city center and went to Plaza de Espana, the city's official town hall. They attended the reception organized by the city president and shared the purpose and process of the project and contributed to the dissemination activities. Afterwards, they participated in the Gymkana tour and learned about modern art. Students visited Old Town and gathered information about the city. They played treasure hunt in mixed groups and discovered the city's important points themselves. A group of students attended the graduation ceremony and graduation dinner with their hosts, while the remaining group went to see the flamenco dance show. Students, who had the chance to watch a typical graduation ceremony and a traditional dance, gained new knowledge about culture.